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Thank you for your patience!

We've been busy during the Covid-19 closure making modifications to the Barbershop to keep Our Clients & Our Staff safe


We're in one of the most hazardous industries because social distancing is simply impossible. Therefore, we need protection.

Keeping Our Clients, Our Staff &

Our Community safe at Bruno's until

we can get things back to normal. 

1.For over 60 Years, all of our Clients have been

Walk-In's. However, at this time, to ensure safety & compliance with the Governor's request, Appointments will be Required.


2.Bruno's will require adherence to the under 10 people rule. If you arrive early, PLEASE wait in your car or outside the shop.


3.Upon entry, we may be required to take your temperature with a forehead thermometer (to be determined) and we’ll ask that you wash your hands. NOTE: PLEASE CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENT (IF YOU HAVE SIGNS OR SYMPTOMS OF COVID)FEVER. WE WILL SEND YOU HOME IF YOU HAVE A TEMPERATURE. YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED FOR THE CANCELLED APPOINTMENT.



5. Unfortunately, We can no longer offer magazines or newspapers at this time.


6. If your Barber Genius is unavailable when booking online, keep in mind, we too, are trying to socially distance from each other as well. If one of us was to get sick, the possibility of losing our entire family is a reality.

Please stay tuned for more updates as we learn more about statewide mandates and thank you for your continued patience. We truly cannot wait to see you all again.


Please stay safe and healthy.

Bruno's Barber Shop of Natick

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