Angela DeMasi Hoyt

Joint owner and barber at Bruno's with over 20 years of hair-cutting experience, Angela is a Natick girl through-&-through having lived here all her life. She married a local lad, Matthew who works for the town and is a mother of twins, affectionately known as the 'Category 5 Twin-nados'.


Antonia DeMasi Stockley

Joint owner and manager, Antonia has been a Natick girl for most of her life with a brief 10 year stint out in the country living in the hamlet of Millis. Having moved back to Natick she also is a part time Realtor, married to Paul, the barber in the third chair. She keeps the lights on and the barbers on their toes.


Italo DeMasi

A resident of Natick for over 50 years and a barber who started at Bruno's under the tutor-ledge of his brother Bruno, from 1967. He continues to provide the expert service of a true master.
An avid musician and gardener he plays the Accordion for fun and the clarinet professionally, indeed a man of many talents. Italo is one of the longest serving downtown Natick residents and seen changes galore happen to the town center


Paul Stockley

Paul is married to the manager Antonia and is a transplant from across the pond who came over in 2001 for work as a software engineer at a financial institution. In 2016 he undertook a career change and joined the family business. A lifelong Manchester City fan and a golfer up at the local Sassamon Trace, he tries not to annoy his wife too much.



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